Top 5 Senior Dating Websites That Work

There’s a huge stereotype that after a certain age it’s difficult to find love again. Finding companionship, many say it’s even harder. We are here to tell you that you can discover exactly what you desire, no matter your age. Each of these following top 5 dating sites are specifically tailored to a demographic of senior that is looking for a certain something.

If you are over 50 years of age and entering the dating and companionship scene again, use our helpful guide to get what you want today!

Here are our Top 5 Senior Dating Websites:

1. Seniors Searching for Companionship

Senior 1

If you are searching for companionship, a fellow friend to relate to or have wonderful conversations with, is the perfect site for you. 35 percent of users on zoosk are looking for friendships that could possibly lead to something more if it’s the right fit, but first these users want to establish a common basis of companionship and connection. Everyone always says that you want to have a friendship with the person you end up dating, this makes for a better relationship in the end. So, if you are over 50 and want the companion that can become something greater, search no more, this dating website is an ideal choice for you!

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2. Working Seniors Looking For a Business Minded Partner

Senior 2

Let’s say you are over 50 years old. Not everyone is retiring at 50, in fact studies show that the average age for retirement is between 60-65 years old. That means there’s a huge demographic of individuals who technically count as seniors, but are still employed and running businesses. If you are a senior working professional, you likely want to date another who is in a similar position in life as you. features educated, working and intellectual professionals, seeking a partner who will understand their active lifestyles and dedication to their career. Best of all, 40 percent of active members on EliteSingles are also over the age of 50 or close to 50 years old. With thousands of daily users relying on the incredible matchmaking services of EliteSingles, your pool of potential partners is an endless sea, so throw out your line and start fishing.

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3. African American Singles Over 50, Desiring Love

Senior 3

Join a huge community of African American singles searching for love and partnership. is an incredible resource for African Americans of all ages to connect and delve deep into fulfilling and heartwarming relationships. If you are over the age of 50, 14 percent of this popular dating website are in the same demographic as you, making your possibilities for the perfect match endless. With an amazing matchmaking interface and quick questionnaire, start discovering your perfect mate in minutes. Score your first date in no time, and watch as the windows of opportunity to fall in love appear in front of your very eyes.

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4. All Singles Over 50 Looking For Committed Relationships with Other Seniors

Senior 4

A site specifically tailored to single adults over the age of 50. One hundred percent of individuals on are searching for the same thing as you. By joining this superb dating website, you are surrounding yourself with the type of partner you’re searching for. Find a committed relationship with someone who wants the same things as you, with thousands of users finding success daily. This site recognizes and cherishes the wants of individuals in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond, and sees how these needs differ from those in your younger years. Feel understood and connected to singles just like you. Celebrate this exciting chapter of your life with a partner who is there to support you every step of the way!

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5. Seniors Searching For a Casual Date or Non-Committed Relationship

Senior 5

If what you desire is a fun and exciting moment with another individual over the age of 50, but don’t want any strings attached due to your own lifestyle choices or maybe a busy schedule, can help you find a casual date or non-committed relationship that will still bring you fulfilment and moments of connection. 40 percent of users on Match are desiring non-committed partnership- someone to laugh with and enjoy simple moments of human nature with.

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With these amazing sites, dating over the age of 50 has become a breeze. With so many active users and an endless selection of possible dates and partners, finding the right one for you- whether casual or committed- is a breeze and only requires a few minutes of sign-up time.


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